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Window Design Ideas

The greatest artists of the world had nothing more to work with than light and a blank canvas. Yet they created art that lasted for generations. What you do with your windows will likewise last for a lifetime – whether it’s a massive array of open views, or cozy glimpses of a cloistered world. Here are a few thoughts to guide your creative process:

Closer To The Light
The more light you let into a room, the more open and expansive it feels. By contrast, limiting the light creates a more defined, enveloping space. Either way, know that we’d love to help you find the happy medium between these extremes. Whether it’s a ceiling-high array of operable sash and fixed glass that dominates your living room, or a carefully-chosen moment of sparkle that accents your kitchen, windows work with your total design scheme. You can open up a room with as few or as many windows as you want. Obviously you can’t go higher than the ceiling, but you can drop windows to floor level to bring in more natural light.

Looking At The View
A window is more than glass in a frame. It’s an opening to whatever happens to be outside of your house. Which could be anything from a majestic mountain to a neighbor’s laundry line. Thinking realistically about what your windows reveal is just the first step. Then you should put on your thinking cap and find creative ways to let in that light, without letting in that less-than-perfect view. One easy solution is windows placed high in the walls; they allow plenty of light while masking the view itself.

Head For The Great Outdoors
Patio doors can be more than just a convenient way to bring in your sizzling hot dogs from your patio barbecue. Flanked by dazzling sidelights, or mounted within an array of space-opening transoms or direct sets, the entrance to your patio can be a tempting invitation to your visitors. Not only do patio doors let in an immense sea of light, but they also provide a plethora of unique design possibilities, fusing wood and glass in unforgettable ways.

Come Into The Light
All day long, light makes a show for you. Morning light is soft and unrumpled. Noon can be glaring or dry – either way, you’ll feel it as it blasts shadows and heat across your midday rooms. Early afternoon light is bold and stark, making sharp contrasts wherever it illuminates. While late afternoon light lingers lazily, as if reluctant to slip into twilight. And moonlight is another world– pale, serene, yet startlingly bright. Sit back and watch it all through your windows. Because the right windows let you see it all.



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