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Create Your Own Mouldings

Combining Profiles to create unique, powerful and dramatic looks is a way to give a home the personal and original touch many of today?s homeowners are looking for.

By combining more than one profile into a larger, more ornate moulding pattern, a room can be customized to provide even more aesthetic beauty. The possibilities for creating combinations are endless and are limited only by one?s imagination.

All of our profiles can be proportionally reduced or enlarged to give almost unlimited options.

If you don?t see the exact moulding you are looking for, just send us a sample, picture or drawing and we will gladly create a custom pattern that is specific to your project.

We custom grind our own moulding machine knives and we can either keep them on file or we can give the knife to the customer, if they so desire.

Over the years we have made hundreds of different custom mouldings. We savor the opportunity to help you find exactly what you are looking for to customize your project.


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