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History of Mouldings 

Mouldings are not a modern invention.  Looking back through history, we see that the ancient Greeks were the first to accent their structures with architectural wood mouldings for the sole purpose of beautification.

The early Romans refined the basic shapes of Grecian culture, including Greek mouldings.  Indeed, the Romans built with such style, grace, and functionality, that their work became a cornerstone for all future European building traditions. These classic traditions all embraced mouldings as important functional and decorative parts of architectural design.

In colonial America, mouldings were most often produced at the construction site by joiners using hand planes. Many of the shapes, profiles and designs of today?s standard mouldings can be traced back to these early days.

American craftsmen of the 19th century developed these wood-carved gems for Victorian homes and palaces. Wooden block planes were used, requiring a second man with a ?push stick,? (which provided the muscle), to remove the wood while the craftsman simply guided the plane.

Today, the industry?s best high-tech moulders require special steel, the sharpest equipment, and skilled operators to produce high-quality patterns. 

The Hardwood Company acknowledges its desire and responsibility to uphold historical traditions while using the very latest in technology. We firmly believe that fine mouldings add distinction and character to that classic icon  known as the American home.


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